451 Market Insight Report: BigID's Data Governance Suite

How does BigID sit at the intersection of data policy and data security?


Data governance initiatives in the past have failed due to the inability to tie data policy to technology execution.  This is changing as illustrated by this new report from 451 Research, and BigID is right in the middle of this change with the BigID Data Governance Suite. 

“Data governance has too often been a tabletop exercise where data control policies are clearly documented in a system or spreadsheet, but not effectively linked directly to policy execution mechanisms in the technical sense. BigID, with its heritage in the data discovery market, thinks it may have the answer with its Data Governance Suite.”

- Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst @ 451 Research.

Get 451’s take on BigID’s Data Governance Suite with this Market Insight Report - and find out why “BigID’s Data Governance Suite sits at the intersection of data policy and data security”.

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