How BigID Automates Data Security and Compliance for Life Sciences

The life sciences industry continues to be a primary target for cyberattacks due to the high value of health data and intellectual property (IP) and the high profitability of these global businesses. The average cost of a data breach in the pharmaceutical industry, including life sciences, is $5.2 million. Intellectual property is highly prized data and the object of 95% of all cyber attacks in the life sciences sector. 

BigID enables life sciences organizations to streamline cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and risk management to protect their sensitive data. Download the whitepaper to learn how your organization can: 

  • Discover data across your data landscape
  • Reduce your attack surface
  • Improve the security of sensitive and critical data
  • Mitigate insider risk
  • Simplify regulatory compliance
  • Streamline data breach response
  • Accelerate AI security
  • Secure cloud migrations
IMAGE  bigid for life sciences

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