The Future of Cloud Data Security - 2024 and Beyond

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Session Topics

What’s the Deal with DSPM?: What You Need to Know

Learn how to assess and improve your risk posture with today’s data security experts. Accelerate sensitive data discovery and protection to reduce the threat of breaches and non-compliance in your organization.

Managing & Mitigating Data Risk Across the Multicloud

Get the latest on how to easily identify and reduce risk across the public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), SaaS, messaging platforms, dev tools, and more.

How to Accelerate Zero Trust with a Data-First Approach

Zero Trust is all about minimizing risk: a successful zero trust approach can mitigate ransomware, reduce the risk of data breaches, and accelerate compliance with regulations and security frameworks.  Join this CISO panel to learn about how you can incorporate a data-centric approach to your zero trust strategy and stay ahead of the game.

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