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BigID for Credit Unions

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Gain visibility across all of your data in one place

Credit unions like yours run on data: including customer data, regulated data, product SKUs, finance data, and more.  Automatically find and classify all sensitive data with BigID - and get the big picture.

Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of breaches and improve your security posture

Manage risk and reduce potentially harmful brand and financial impact from data breaches, data leaks, and audits. Identify high risk and vulnerable data, reduce the attack surface, and automate data retention and remediation.


Address Data Minimization at Scale

Tackle data minimization at scale with an automated approach. Classify and label data, files and documents, and automatically identify duplicate and near-duplicate files to reduce risk across your data landscape.

data deletion

Discover how BigID helps financial institutions manage risk and achieve compliance


From Data Retention to Deletion with Forrester & EY

Watch this webinar to learn about the role of data retention across privacy, governance, and security – and how to apply best practices to your data retention strategy.

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