Data-Driven Privacy Assurance

Assess, Audit and Validate PI Data Processing

Enterprises can no longer overlook data privacy protection - both because of compliance mandates such as the EU GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act (and their associated penalties) and intensifying customer expectations of responsible data stewardship. However, how can enterprises prove and demonstrate to Data Protection Officers (DPO), auditors and regulators that privacy policies are translated into accountable data processing activities? How can enterprises embrace the GDPR Accountability principle without comprehensive and accurate personal data knowledge?

BigID’s automated Privacy Assurance capabilities enable customers to maintain continuous visibility and ongoing validation of actual data processing activity against key compliance requirements such as data flow mapping and data subject rights, as well as monitoring for potential consent or purpose of use violations.

  • Data Mapping Accuracy & Automation
  • Data Subject Rights Validation & Audit
  • Consent Governance
  • Accountability Attestation via Policy Checks

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