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BigID Data Privacy Suite

Automated Data-Centric Privacy Management for Regulatory Compliance


Organizations need to be able to automate their data privacy programs - with solid policies in place to protect the privacy (and security) of the consumer data that they collect — and the ability to disclose what data they're collecting, the purpose of processing it, and a proactive approach to protecting that data.

That is why, according to the latest IDC MarketScape Report  (Worldwide Data Privacy Compliance Software 2023), BigID was named a leader: 

“BigID is one tool that can be deployed by the CISO, general counsel (GC), and DPO to service all their data visibility and control needs.”

Read the product brief to learn how the BigID Data Privacy Suite can help guide your organization toward automated data-centric regulatory compliance. With BigID, you can:

  • Develop a Comprehensive Data Inventory
  • Connect Policies with Compliance Requirements
  • Visually Map Data Processing Activities
  • Govern AI Responsibly
  • Validate Cross-Border Transfers
  • Capture Consent & Privacy Preferences
  • Automate Data Rights from End-to-End
  • Accelerate Data Retention and Deletion
  • Mitigate Risk with Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
  • Investigate Data Breach Impact
  • Exhibit Proof of Compliance