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Reduce Risk & Accelerate Adoption of Generative AI With BigID

Generative AI and LLMs have revolutionized organizations through improved automation and efficiency. But with great power comes great responsibility. LLMs use a large volume of unstructured data which, if left unsupervised, can lead to the use of sensitive and regulated data outside of its given purpose. This can result in data leaks and non-compliance with major regulations.

BigID solves this by enabling you to find and classify ALL of your data - accurately, and at scale across on-prem and cloud for structured and unstructured data. Train LLMs on only data that is safe to use and govern the data that goes into your AI input data sets. Reduce risk and improve accuracy by tagging sensitive data to exclude and train your LLMs only on relevant and low-risk data.

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Navigating Generative AI with BigID

Extend data governance and security to modern conversational AIs & LLMs

While generative AI has helped many organizations improve efficiency, it also comes with new risks. The recent data leaks through Microsoft and Samsung's AI highlight the importance of only training LLMs on data that is safe to use. LLMs are basically a giant data set trained on a set of unstructured data: words, documents, emails, files, sheets, and more. Traditional tools only operate on structured data and have no visibility 

Generative AI is only as good as the data it's trained on. Without knowing what data you are feeding it, it can lead to sensitive, personal, regulated, and outdated or irrelevant information being used. With BigID, you can find and define exactly what data sets you want to train your conversational AIs on and ensure that it won't compromise data security or privacy.


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose BigID


Find and define exactly what data sets are safe to use for LLMs and reduce the risk of sensitive data leaks. Support for 100’s of data sources and types - unstructured or structured, on-prem or across the cloud. Accelerate insights and eliminate blind spots with Auto-Discovery.


Make it easy to identify and label sensitive and regulated data that is not safe to use for generative AI. Combines regular expression (RegEx) with advanced, AI and ML-based techniques to classify more data types, more accurately, at scale. Deploy hundreds of OOB classifiers. Build your tailored composite classifiers. Train your own NLP and deep learning classification models.


Automatically remove redundant and outdated data to ensure your LLMs are only trained on the most up-to-date and accurate data that is safe to use. Enforce retention policies to stay compliant with regulations.


Open and API-first platform that integrates with and enriches the existing tech stack. Seamlessly coordinate security and risk remediation workflows across the right tools. Our partners include ServiceNow, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, Snowflake, Microsoft, Google, AWS, and more.


Choose how to deploy BigID: SaaS, self-managed, or hybrid. We use top-tier security including password vault, RBAC, and step-up authentication. Customize scans with features like API triggers, blackout periods, and iterative scans.

Reduce the Risk of LLMs by Uncovering Dark Data

Automatically find and classify your most sensitive, critical, and high-priority data - wherever it lives.

BigID makes it easy to identify and label sensitive data that is not safe to use for LLMs. Get unmatched data discovery and classification to find and label sensitive data: whether it's critical, regulated, personal, secrets, passwords, IP, financial, or more. Get more accurate results for unstructured and structured data every time with ML-driven data classification - across your entire data landscape (from on-prem to cloud to everywhere in between).

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Advanced Classification for LLMs

Achieve unparalleled accuracy and scalability in data classification.

Go beyond traditional pattern-matching and regular expression (RegEx) with advanced, trainable ML and NLP-based classification. BigID enables you to classify, label, tag, and flag data by type, regulation, sensitivity, and purpose of use, making it easy to define and only train LLMs on appropriate sets of data that are low risk, relevant, and drive accurate results.

Create custom classifiers that can be tailored specifically to your unique data environment. Test and fine-tune them before deployment to enhance accuracy and mitigate the number of false positives. Label and tag all of your data using a single unified classification ruleset. 

Train Your LLMs Only On Safe-to-Use Data

Define which data sets are safe for training and govern the data that goes into your AI input data sets. BigID can help you find, filter, and govern both structured data and unstructured data, so you know exactly what data you are feeding LLMs.

Automatically flag when there is sensitive or regulated data where there shouldn't be. Leverage policies to manage your data and monitor for potential risks in your data catalog.

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Enforce Retention Policies and Workflows

Mitigate risk and train LLMs only on relevant and up-to-date data through policy-driven retention management.

Remove redundant and outdated data to minimize your attack surface and train generative AI on the most up-to-date and accurate data that is safe to use.

Set retention policies and identify what data to delete, when to delete it, and what data to retain. Automate policy management to identify data, apply policies, take action, and audit for compliance.


BigID is a Market Leader in Data Discovery and Data Governance

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"Tools like BigID are the future. Organizations should be leveraging these tools to remove the manual processes from data discovery, provide better visibility, and help with prioritization of controls."

FAQs About Migration

How will onboarding work?

BigID is agentless, resource-friendly, and super easy to set up. Day one, we seamlessly connect to and scan virtually any data source you can think of.

What happens to my existing custom classifiers?

No sweat. We can help migrate existing custom or specific classification requirements over. We've got 100s of OOB classifiers to match your needs, along with custom classifiers that are easily tunable and trainable. 

Will there be training and assistance?

We understand that new solutions can be daunting but fear not. BigID is simple and intuitive. Our team of data security experts has your back. Plus, we created BigID University to help you accelerate time-to-value. Let's get you going!

Extend Data Governance to Conversational AIs and LLMs


With the rise of conversational AI and LLMs, reliance on unstructured data - including customer data - has increased. Training LLMs on sensitive data can violate consumer privacy and accelerate risk. See how BigID can help your organization extend data governance and security to modern conversational AI & LLMs, driving innovation responsibly.

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