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Shine a Light on Dark Data

Automatically find and inventory your most sensitive, critical, and high priority data - wherever it lives.

Get unmatched data discovery and classification to find the data that matters most to you: whether it's critical, regulated, personal, secrets, passwords, IP, financial, or more.  Get more accurate results every time with ML-driven data classification - across your entire data landscape (from on-prem to cloud to everywhere in between).

Jumpstart DSPM

Data Security Posture Management for the Multicloud and beyond

Accelerate DSPM: manage risk across the multicloud with a data-centric approach. Automatically map, monitor, and remediate data – with the first platform based on ML-driven in depth data discovery and automation.

data remediation

Take Action on the Data that Matters Most

Remediate high-risk, sensitive, & critical data, everywhere.

Make it easier than ever for the right people to take the right actions, on the right data. Annotate, delete, quarantine, and more based on the data itself - all while maintaining an audit trail.

Enable Zero Trust for Data

Identify & remediate high-risk data access issues.

Easily find over-permissioned and over-exposed data across your entire data landscape: mitigate unauthorized use, reduce the risk of data leaks or breaches., and get to a least privileged permissions model for zero trust.

data access intelligence
data risk

Customize Risk Scoring 

Not all data is the same - define your crown jewel data to prioritize risk.

Define and monitor risk according to your sensitive or critical data - based on your own definitions and parameters.  Automatically flag high-risk data and prioritize the most critical issues.

Simplify Incident Response

Determine breach impact & streamline incident response.

Assess the scope of a breach, identify impacted users and determine appropriate response plans. Comply with breach reporting requirements to minimize financial, legal, and brand impact.


breach investigation

Accelerate DLP

Enforce data loss protection with extended flags, tags, and data labelling.

Use ML-based classification to label data according to its sensitivity, criticality, and more. Enrich native data protection like MIP and GCP, and make more intelligent enforcement decisions based on granular data understanding.

Shift Left

Shift left with programmatic data discovery and classification. Build your own apps, and easily operationalize and customize APIs and SDKs for Developers.


The State of Data Security in 2022


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