A Buyer's Guide

Evaluating AI Classification:  Trustworthiness and Vendor Selection

Artificial Intelligence (AI) classification is everywhere - and everyone seems to offer it. But how do you distill down vendors’ claims and get to the heart what they really offer? And what is most important when selecting a vendor for your organization? 

Well, what it really comes in comes down to this: 

  • Explainability: Full transparency across the board, from the models and training data used, to confidence scores, and beyond

  • Trainability: The quality of training data ("garbage in, garbage out" is real) and the ability to safely utilize appropriate customer data for training

  • Tunability: The ability to accurately validate findings and recalibrate models according to real results and evolving enterprise goals

BigID shines in these critical categories, and notably offers both AI and non-AI pathways - an aspect that is paramount to AI data trust and responsible deployment. Download the guide to learn more!

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