Find & Remediate Passwords, Secrets & Keys to Prevent
Data Breaches and Ransomware

In order to protect against the rising threat (and sophistication) of cyberattacks, it is critical to protect your organization's secrets. Loose passwords, keys, and other sensitive information can be just what bad actors need to infiltrate your organization and take advantage of your exposed data.

The first step to protecting your data is knowing your data. BigID uses advanced ML and automation to enable you to understand where your secrets live, what they are with context, and who has access to the data sources they reside in.

Download the guide to see how you  can leverage BigID to:

  • Discover sensitive data quickly - including loose passwords and keys
  • Classify, categorize, flag, tag, and label data across your data landscape
  • Enhance security posture and reduce your attack surface
  • Continuously monitor and remediate risk from passwords, secrets, and keys
  • ... and more
IMAGE - passwords, secrets, keys

Download the guide