The Ultimate Guide to Data Governance Controls for Microsoft Copilot

So you want to test drive Copilot...but you're worried about the risks. Leveraging Microsoft Copilot has transformative potential for business outcomes, but it is crucial that it's adopted responsibly -- with risk management top of mind. If you don't know what data you have and what data is safe for Copilot to be trained on, outcomes could be disastrous. 

With BigID, you can drive Microsoft Copilot the right way, without the risks or additional overhead. Download our guide to accelerate your AI security posture, ensure responsible governance, and learn how to:

  • Classify, tag, flag, and label data within the M365 environment
  • Reduce your attack surface by eliminating duplicate or redundant data
  • Enhance security posture and streamline incident response
  • Automate compliance 
  • ... and more
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Download the ultimate guide