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Identify sensitive data

Automatically find and classify sensitive, regulated, critical, and dark data.  Uncover shadow data and automate a dynamic data inventory for all of your data, everywhere.

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Highlight and remediate access

See who has access to sensitive data, and automatically generate a user map of data access.  Reduce permissions to least privilege and eliminate overprivileged access issues.

Map data flows

Identify and track sensitive data across the ecosystem, and map by residency, flow, and movement.  Manage cross border transfers, find secrets in dev dev data, monitor data processing & sharing.

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Manage vulnerabilities

Protect against exposure and alert on high risk vulnerabilities – easily report on potential data risk, policy violations, and data security vulnerabilities.

Remediate risk

Automate and orchestrate remediation for high risk data – trigger alerts based on activity, remediate data security issues, and enforce controls over your sensitive data.

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Understanding Cloud Data Security and Priorities in 2022

This exclusive report - results from a survey of over 1500 IT and Security leaders & brought to you by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) & BigID - highlights the challenges and state of cloud data security.

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