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Recognized as the #1 industry-leading data security and privacy solution


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose BigID for DSPM


Support for 100’s of data sources and types - unstructured or structured, on-prem or across the cloud. Accelerate insights and eliminate blind spots with Auto-Discovery.


Combines regular expression (RegEx) with advanced, AI and ML-based techniques to classify more data types, more accurately, at scale. Deploy hundreds of OOB classifiers. Build your tailored composite classifiers. Train your own NLP and deep learning classification models. Leverage exact value matching using correlation for critical data.

Risk Management

Extend data security and risk management from discovery through remediation. Take action on your data and streamline remediation. Automatically label, tag, retain, discard, encrypt, mask, and move risky and unnecessary data to reduce exposure.


Open and API-first platform that integrates with and enriches the existing security stack. Seamlessly coordinate security and risk remediation workflows across the right tools. Our partners include ServiceNow, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, Snowflake, Microsoft, Google, AWS, and more.


Choose how to deploy BigID: SaaS, self-managed, or hybrid. We use top-tier security including password vault, RBAC, and step-up authentication. Customize scans with features like API triggers, blackout periods, and iterative scans.

Identify sensitive data

Automatically find and classify sensitive, regulated, critical, and dark data.  Uncover shadow data and automate a dynamic data inventory for all of your data, everywhere.

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Highlight and remediate access

See who has access to sensitive data, and automatically generate a user map of data access.  Reduce permissions to least privilege and eliminate overprivileged access issues.

Map data flows

Identify and track sensitive data across the ecosystem, and map by residency, flow, and movement.  Manage cross border transfers, find secrets in dev dev data, monitor data processing & sharing.

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Manage vulnerabilities

Protect against exposure and alert on high risk vulnerabilities – easily report on potential data risk, policy violations, and data security vulnerabilities.

Remediate risk

Automate and orchestrate remediation for high risk data – trigger alerts based on activity, remediate data security issues, and enforce controls over your sensitive data.

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BigID is a Market Leader in Data Privacy and Data Discovery

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BigID's data security and privacy-first posture brings with it purpose-built applications to reduce security and privacy risk, regardless of the data being in a structured data repository or on a file system.


Understanding Cloud Data Security and Priorities

This exclusive report - results from a survey of over 1500 IT and Security leaders & brought to you by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) & BigID - highlights the challenges and state of cloud data security.

FAQs About BigID

What data sources does BigID cover?

BigID covers over 500+ data sources across the cloud, on-prem data centers, and everywhere in between! We have unmatched coverage so you can find and classify sensitive data, wherever it lives. Connect to hundreds data sources natively: including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, dev tools, apps, big data & NoSQL, email, and on-prem data centers - at petabyte scale.

Will BigID cover unstructured and semi-structured data?

We offer unparalleled coverage across all data types, from unstructured to semi-structured to structured data. This allows you to uncover dark data and automatically find all the data that matters most to you, including PI, sensitive data, regulated data, financial data, and more. Combine RegEx with advanced ML and AI to scan your data 95% faster.

Will BigID integrate with my existing tech stack?

We strive to be an open and API-first platform that can easily integrate and orchestrate workflows with other enterprise infrastructure. Our partnerships include Collibra, Alation, SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Confluence, Splunk, Snowflake, Microsoft, Google, AWS, and more. BigID also provides extensive APIs, documentation, and code samples to help organizations build custom integrations and orchestrations, so you can get the most out of your tech stack.

How will onboarding, training, and support work?

BigID is agentless, resource-friendly, and super easy to set up. From day one, we seamless connect to and scan all your data sources. Our team of data experts and customer success will guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of BigID and align the solution to your organization’s use cases. We also created BigID University with easy-to-follow modules to help you accelerate time-to-value.

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