HIPAA Data Security & Privacy

A Data Driven Approach for ePHI Protection

Under the HIPAA mandate, covered entities and business associates are subject to the Security Rule that covers confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and the Privacy Rule that limits the uses and disclosures of PHI. These rules have long been in place, but how ePHI moves through and across IT infrastructure and is tied to Personal Information within IT systems and applications has shifted since the rules were first written. Also, the penalties levied by regulators for breach, unauthorized disclosure and privacy violations have escalated.

BigID automatically discovers, maps and labels all instances of PHI identifiers and across data sources through novel correlation and machine learning technologies to drive both security and privacy compliance initiatives.

  • Assess ePHI Risk
  • ePHI Data Mapping
  • Breach Response
  • ePHI Classification and Labeling

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