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How does BigID pricing work?

BigID pricing is based on a combination of factors, including number of data sources, apps, and connectors, deployment type, and level of services and support.

What's included in the discovery foundation?

The BigID Discovery-in-Depth Foundation gives you visibility into all of your data, no matter where it lives. You'll be able to:

  • Automatically identify & find sensitive, critical, personal, regulated data
  • Find duplicate, similar, and ROT data everywhere across your environment
  • Connect related and inferred data points into a single identity or entity 
  • ML-augmented metadata collection, search, and labelling at petabyte scale

What apps are featured in each bundle?

Security Bundles

  • Zero Trust bundle (Access Intelligence + Remediation)
  • Insider Threat bundle (Access Intelligence + Remediation + Retention)
  • Data Minimization bundle (Remediation + Deletion)
  • DSPM bundle (Risk + Remediation + Access Intelligence)
  • Data Lifecycle Management bundle (Remediation + Retention + Deletion)

Privacy Bundles

  • Data Rights bundle (DSAR + Deletion)
  • Preferences bundle (Privacy Portal + Cookies)
  • Data Mapping bundle (RoPA & PIA)

Can I try it out first?

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