PDPA Compliance Automated

Data-driven Compliance Automation for Thailand PDPA

Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) introduces a stringent obligations for companies collecting and processing personal data or using the data to provide services in Thailand, with an emphasis on data owners' rights and a requirement for explicit consent to processing in particular. At the same time, the law expands the definition of what data that data administrators must protect, as well as defines categories of sensitive data that require stronger protection. Most notably, the PDPA also introduces significant administrative fines and potentially even criminal liability for privacy violations.

BigID is the first product to enable companies to understand and account for how they collect and process personal data - independent of language - and enable companies to prepare, operationalize and automate their path to privacy protection compliance.

  • ML Driven Personal Data Mapping
  • Data Owner Rights Fulfillment
  • Consent Governance
  • Data Movement Policies

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