5 Ways to Uncover PHI from Unstructured Health Data — 95% Faster

Learn how BigID helps healthcare organizations uncover sensitive patient information from unstructured data — across the entire enterprise.

About 80% of all data in healthcare — including sensitive, regulated patient data — is from unstructured sources.

Healthcare organizations sit on a mountain of unstructured data, including handwritten notes, medical imaging data, audio and video files, and more — and this data is remarkably difficult to find, classify, map, and manage with traditional discovery and classification methods.

Using BigID’s deep discovery foundation and next-gen, ML-based classification techniques, healthcare organizations can:

  • Reduce scan time for unstructured data by 95%
  • Read medical imaging data (and all types of structured & unstructured data)
  • Leverage AI- and ML-driven automation
  • Correlate granular data knowledge to data subjects
  • Drive interoperability efforts with meaningful data exchange
  • Minimize and clean up all your data … and more

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