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Level Up Your Data Privacy Strategy and Meet GDPR Compliance

See how BigID can help organizations like yours proactively and effectively protect the consumer rights of EU residents, manage data rights requests and consent, and meet GDPR compliance. Accelerate and automate privacy management and compliance with BigID.

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Data Rights Request Automation

Automate data rights fulfillment from access to deletion.

Dynamically manage Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) at scale to comply with GDPR's requirements for the right to access and the right to delete personal information. Discover, classify, and connect data to specific user profiles to automate data subject access requests, validate data deletion, and generate DSAR pdf reports.

Consent Governance

Consolidate your view of consent across all systems.

Align with GDPR compliance by giving consumers the ability to know what data is being collected, analyzed, and monitored, and to opt out of having their data sold or shared. Create a centralized location for cookie consent, data preferences, opt-in and opt-out choices to protect consumers’ data rights.


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Data Minimization

Minimize your attack surface by reducing duplicate data and automating data retention policies

Identify and delete duplicate data through BigID's ML-driven data discovery and correlation. Reduce risk and comply with GDPR's data minimization standards.

Set retention policies and identify what data to delete, when to delete it, and what data to retain. Automate policy management to identify data, apply policies, take action, and audit for compliance.

Privacy Portal

Proactively manage privacy requests, preferences, and cookie consent.

Implement a branded self-service privacy portal – with customizable features to manage data rights requests and privacy preferences including request type, deletion workflows, regulation timelines, and remediation, all in one place.

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Build a Record of Processing Activities for Data Mapping.

Identify and document data inventory to visually map data across the organization to assess how data is processed, transferred, and shared to reduce privacy risk.

Simplify Incident Response

Comply with GDPR's breach notification windows

Assess the scope of a breach, identify impacted users and determine appropriate response plans. Comply with breach reporting requirements to minimize financial, legal, and brand impact.

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Privacy Impact Assessment

Quickly assess risk with Privacy Impact Assessments.

Estimate the risk within the data inventory using PIA industry-standard templates that comply with privacy regulations like GDPR.

Buyer's Guide to Automating Personal Data Rights for GDPR & CCPA


Are you prepared? Download the Buyer's Guide for an in-depth look at the current and emerging landscape for privacy-centric data discovery, as well as tips on how to choose an identity-aware data discovery solution that can also automate privacy operations like the right to access, delete or correct an individual’s data.

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